Our Projects: What we create at AMCUP!


Amcup also helps people to become self sufficient as far as food is concerned by teaching them to grow vegetables in tunnels. We manufacture these tunnels as part of our job creation projects. Through sponsorship from all the different churches in the community and private sector, we then make them available to the communities, thereby enabling them to become self sufficient in some of their needs.


Amcup’s block making operation supplies cement blocks to the rural communities at a reduced price to assist them in building their own houses. The blocks are made on the premesis of AMCUP and can also be delivered to the applicable site.                                                



AMCUP Feeding Scheme

AMCUP oversees a feeding scheme which is called AMCUP Feeding Scheme. AMCUP Feeding Scheme sources foodstuffs from the major manufacturers and then distributes to organizations and churches who then feed the needy.