Tunnel Project at AMCUP

Amcup helps people to become self sufficient as far as food is concerned by teaching them to grow vegetables in tunnels. We manufacture these tunnels as part of our job creation projects.




Through sponsorship from all the different churches in the community and private sector, we then make them available to the communities, thereby enabling them to become self sufficient in some of their needs.


Tunnel Information:

1. Tunnels come in 2 sizes: Big (20m > 8m) and Small (9m x 4m) and are manufactured of high pressure plastic pipe and shade cloth.

2. It can easily be transported on a ½ ton bakkie.

3. The tunnels are supplied complete with everything that is needed to start.

4. No running water is needed for the tunnels.

5. One also don’t need good soil to plant the vegetables.

6. With three of these tunnels, if managed properly, fifty people can be fed through out the year.

7. Training is done at AMCUP free of charge.

8. A big variety of vegetables can be grown in a tunnel.

9. The tunnel is big enough for a thousand spinach plants.

10. Only 10 (ten )percent of the water used in an open garden are used in the tunnel.

11. The turnover out of the tunnel is approx. 8 (eight) times than that of an open garden.

12. The lifespan of the tunnel is 7-8 Years.

Watch more pictures about the various types of tunnels: